Went for a run with some co-workers today…

A co-worker of mine decided to pick up running so, we went for a quick run today during our lunch break. An easy 1 mile around the block I said. We all remember how well that worked for me the last time I ran with a co-worker. Not too bad! 9:51 minute pace according to RunKeeper.

As it turns out, today is actually exactly one year since I broke my foot! The Jone’s Fracture I sustained was pretty catastrophic, but my leg is getting stronger every day.  A lot of the recovery is a confidence issue. I’m very self-conscious about the high-arch in my left foot, pes cavus, and how it makes me especially susceptible to certain injuries, but I certainly won’t let any of that that stop me from reaching my goals.

  • ehog

    Thank you Mr. Ruben. 🙂

  • Davey Izaguirre

    Haha, yea dude, you’re always busting that damn foot of yours. Good Job though man, really 🙂

    • ehog

      My bum foot 🙁