Article about my weight-loss in LynwoodPatch Latino: 200 Pounds Less and $10,000 Richer, Lynwood Man Can Finally ‘Live Life’

This morning, an article about my weight-loss journey and the prize I won in the Shaklee Cinch® Transformation Story Contest by Lynwood Patch Latino EditorStephanie Rivera.

Here is a small excerpt from 200 Pounds Less and $10,000 Richer, Lynwood Man Can Finally ‘Live Life’.

24-year-old Edgar Ortiz recently found himself the winner of a $10,000 prize for his story on shedding 200 pounds in two years.

Two years ago, Lynwood resident Edgar Ortiz would never have believed he would be hiking or running marathons today, let alone weigh 200 pounds less and score $10,000 because of it.

But it’s all true.

Having lived off junk food and fast food for most of his college life, then-400 pound Ortiz didn’t stop his unhealthy living style until an intervention from a friend in late 2009.

You can read the rest of the article on Lynwood Patch Latino’s website: